About Premier Concrete

Premier Concrete Products, Inc. is a manufacturer who properly researches the marketplace and determines the opportunity for supplying needed products. In 1996, Premier Concrete Products, Inc. established a concrete products manufacturing plant in Houston, Texas with an administrative office in Louisiana. To better serve our customers we added to our portfolio a fully automated facility in Watson, Louisiana in 2000.

Premier owns 40 molds and is currently producing Keystone retaining wall units, masonry, erosion and landscape-type products. We supply products for two major types of customers: masonry contractors and retail stores. Not only are we able to produce blocks that are of the highest quality, but also in a wide variety of colors and at the most competitive prices. We strive to bring you quality products and we make your satisfaction our business!

The National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) unites, supports, and represents our members who are producers and suppliers of concrete masonry systems – including concrete masonry, manufactured stone veneer, segmental retaining walls, and other hardscape systems. From small family-owned businesses to large corporations, our membership reflects the full spectrum of companies that provide the foundation for resilient building construction. The Association is an industry leader in providing technical assistance and education, marketing, research and development, and product and system innovation to its members and to the industry.

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