Shoreflex is an erosion control system used as an alternative option to the Articulating Concrete Block Revetment System and shall be considered in situations where a lesser degree of erosion control is required. The designing engineer shall determine the appropriate situational usage for this item.


ShoreFlex is manufactured from individual concrete blocks that are tied together to form an erosion control mat. Each concrete block within the mat is tapered, uniform, and interlocked. Block interlocking is achieved by the use of a high strength geogrid to ensure that no longitudinal or lateral movement of blocks occur during lifting or installation. The geogrid is securely cast into and embedded within each concrete block to provide the connection strength. Our mats are cast in a metal form system, which guarantees the most consistent quality block industry wide.

The concrete blocks meet a minimum compressive strength of 5,000 psi at 28 days as per ASTM standards. The concrete blocks are spaced no further than 1.5 in. apart creating an average minimum mat weight of 10.5 lb. per square foot. Test reports available upon request.

GeoGrid System

The geogrid connection system is an open knitted geogrid composed of high tenacity, multifilament polypropylene yarns knitted and coated for UV protection in tension to form a stable grid structure.

Standard mat panels come in 8 ft. and 16 ft. widths and lengths of 25, 32 and 50 ft. unless otherwise specified by the plans or contractor. Custom mat dimensions are available upon request.

Erosion System Backing

ShoreFlex mats have an underlayment attached based on the provided project needs, including double net straw, coconut, synthetic fiber and nonwoven geotextile of choice.

Handling & Installation

ShoreFlex mats are rolled with lifting straps and an optional roll core for ease of handling and installation on site.

18” rebar U-shaped anchors will be provided to anchor the mats in place.