Lightweight / Normal Weight

Lightweight concrete masonry units (CMU) offer several advantages for residential or commercial buildings. Lightweight concrete masonry units have an average density less than 105 pounds per cubic foot and weigh 30-40% less than normal weight CMUs. This reduction in weight makes handling and installation easier, leading to increased productivity during construction.

All CMUs , including lightweight ones, have good fire resistance ratings. However, lightweight CMUs perform even better due to the inclusion of lightweight aggregates. These aggregates contain trapped air bubbles, acting as insulators. As result, less concrete is needed to achieve fire resistance ratings, making lightweight CMUs an effective choice. They can easily achieve two, three or four-hour fire ratings based on building code requirements.

Lightweight CMUs contribute to sustainability by increasing durability, improving energy performance, and reducing life cycle costs. Architects and contractors often choose lightweight block for its quality and economy.

Normal weight masonry units come in different weight classifications based on their density. Normal weight masonry units have an average density of 125 pounds per cubic foot or more. They are commonly used in various construction application due to their durability and strength. They are the preferred units for all foundation needs and mobile home leveling and placement.